IMG_8241 - Version 2

Travel theme: Eyes

This post in response to the weekly travel theme: eyes.

This photo was taken in Jaipur, India. While in the back of a rickshaw somewhere in the city, I spotted this boy clutching his mother as she drove her scooter through the traffic. I was lucky enough to have a few seconds at a red light to get this shot. Continue reading “Travel theme: Eyes”

Version 3

Travel theme: Gold

This post is in response to the weekly travel theme, of which the theme this week is gold.

I took this photo in Thailand, where there are many golden Buddhas. I especially like that in the bottom right corner there is another mini golden Buddha statue next to the folded hands.

Buddha inception. Continue reading “Travel theme: Gold”


Koshoji Temple, a photo

In the Yagoto area of Nagoya is a small temple and garden complex. There is a five story pagoda and other buildings scattered around. The smell of incense floats through the air, and if the time is right, the chanting of monks can be heard. The grounds are not busy, making it a peaceful place to relax and wander. A little cafe sells ice cream cones, and twice a month there is small flea market.