Jingoism at the Wagah Border Ceremony: India

The Wagah border is the national border crossing between India and Pakistan. It divides the Indian state of Punjab and the Pakistani province of Punjab.

The border serves as a goods transit terminal, and there is railway station nearby. However, the border is better known for its Wagah border ceremony. The ceremony happens every day, two hours before the sun sets and is held on both the Indian side and the Pakistan side.

While a lowering of the flags ceremony, the performance is alternatively viewed as a symbol of rivalry between the two countries and also a symbol of brotherhood and cooperation.

I went to the border ceremony on the Indian side and came by car from Amritsar in Punjab, India, which is 32 km away. When I arrived, there were already many people making their way to the stands. Because I was a foreigner, I went through a separate security check, and you must have your passport here. Continue reading “Jingoism at the Wagah Border Ceremony: India”


Travel theme: Eyes

This post in response to the weekly travel theme: eyes.

This photo was taken in Jaipur, India. While in the back of a rickshaw somewhere in the city, I spotted this boy clutching his mother as she drove her scooter through the traffic. I was lucky enough to have a few seconds at a red light to get this shot. Continue reading “Travel theme: Eyes”